Alnwick Candidate!

At the December meeting of the Hotspur with Coquetdale Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 135 held in Alnwick Masonic Centre, the Worshipful Master, V.W. Bro. Stuart Cairns, had the pleasure of advancing another candidate, Bro. Bob Brooks, into the Order. Bro. Bob is currently Senior Warden of Hulne Priory Lodge No. 6464 and Principal Sojourner in the Alnwick Chapter No. 1167. At the festive board Bro. Bob said how much he had enjoyed his welcome into Mark Masonry and that he looked forward to finding out more about the Order.

The photo shows members and visitors with V.W. Bro. Stuart Cairns next to new member Bro. Robert Brooks and W. Bro. Arch Dawson with his 40 year certificate.

Another pleasant task on the evening was for W. Bro. Jim Thompson to present, on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Archibold Dawson with his 40-year certificate. He joined the Heart of Glendale Mark Lodge in 1981 and has continued to work diligently in the order. He was also presented with a 40-year badge and tie to further mark the occasion. W. Bro. Arch is currently Senior Overseer in Hotspur with Coquetdale.

V.W. Bro. Stuart then thanked the visitors who had attended the meeting and the Officers that had assisted with the ceremony. W. Bro. Tom Boswell from Amble Mark Lodge No. 780, who filled the Office of Senior Deacon, received a special mention as he carried out his role superbly.

At the last meeting, Bro. Marc Lewis joined Hotpsur with Coquetdale and went on a visit a couple of weeks later where he filled an officer’s roll. Nice to see a new member taking on the work with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

With steady work new members are being found and Advanced into the Order and we will continue to work towards swelling our numbers in the Northumberland Province.

Thanks go to W. Bro. Jim Thompson for the write up and photo.

Magic of the Mark

Northumberland and Berwick upon Tweed Lodge of  Royal Ark Mariners TI is the now current holder of the Travelling Sceptre from 3rd Ocober 2023

On Wednesday 28th February 2024 the Travelling Gavel was reclaimed by Whitley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 788.   It’s there to be claimed!

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