Relief Chests

The Relief Chest Scheme is designed to:
   • receive charitable funds
   • allow members to donate using a variety of methods
   • reclaim Gift Aid tax on any eligible personal donations
   • manage donations to Masonic and non-Masonic charities
   • manage record-keeping efficiently
   • remain compliant with the Data Protection Acts and General Data Protection Regulations.
   • meet statutory requirements (eg HMRC, ICO, and Charity Commission)
   • offer guidance on fundraising.

Using a Relief Chest
A Relief Chest must be used:
   • only to receive donations intended for charitable
   • giving to make donations to Masonic or non-Masonic charities
   • any charitable causes recognised as charitable by HM Revenue and Customs
   • a Provincial Festival or an Appeal
   • relieve the distress of an individual
   • according to the Operating Manual

Benefits of a Relief Chest
Ease of depositing
Donations can be made into a Relief Chest by:
   • post
   • telephone
   • online

Gift Aid Tax Relief
Under the government’s Gift Aid scheme, The Relief Chest Scheme can reclaim an extra 25p in every pound from HM Revenue and Customs on eligible donations received into a Relief Chest.

Ease of donating to charities
Requests to make donations from a Relief Chest to registered charities are processed and forwarded to charities regularly (monthly or if urgent immediately).

Statements are issued monthly, quarterly or annually, listing all activities in a Relief Chest. Interim statements and subscribers’ lists are available on request.

There is no charge for opening or administering a Relief Chest.

A favourable interest rate is earned on the funds held in a Relief Chest and is tax free.

PLEASE NOTE: Once opened, a donation must be made out of a Relief Chest at least once every 2 years.

To Support the Northumberland Mark Benevolent Fund
Relief Chest Number – MMM2118
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Magic of the Mark

The Travelling Sceptre, without the use of a Satnav,  has found its way back to Whitley Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 788.   It’s there to be rescued.

The Travelling Gavel has left Whitley Bay and moved from the furthest east of the Province to the furthest west and is now in the possession of Hexham Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1141.   Perhaps it can now make its way to the far north to compete the Northumberland triangle.

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