Northumberland Mark Benevolent Fund

(Registered Charity No:1007791)

The Northumberland Mark Benevolent Fund is the charity of the Mark Master Masons and Royal Ark Mariners in the Province of Northumberland.

The Benevolent Fund Committee of Mark Master Masons of the Province of Northumberland is responsible for the management of the Fund.

The Fund relies entirely on support from the brethren of the Province of Northumberland who are members of the Mark or Royal Ark Mariner Degree, by way of donations from individuals and Lodges, and the proceeds of events organised by the Fund-Raising Committee.

The objects of the Fund are as follows:

1. To assist Brethren in need who are Mark Master Masons or Royal Ark Mariners of the Province of Northumberland, their widows, partners, dependents and children. A Brother must have been a member of the Mark Degree for a minimum of three years for a Brother, his widow or partner, dependent, or child to qualify for assistance.

A widow or partner must have been married or have been a partner of a brother for a minimum of three years.

To qualify for assistance a child must be under the age of 18 years unless the child is in undergoing full time education.

2. To make contributions from time to time to the Mark Benevolent Fund.

Each year a donation is made to the Province which is hosting the Mark Benevolent Fund Annual Anniversary Festival.

3. To support other Masonic Charities.

4. To support and make grants to local none-Masonic charities.

5. The Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of the Province of Northumberland has power in his absolute discretion to instruct the Fund to give relief or assistance in exceptional or urgent cases of need to individuals, charities, or worthy causes within or without the United Kingdom.

During recent years in addition to helping Brethren and families in the Province of Northumberland who in need, the Fund has supported many local charities, and made donations to disaster appeals in this country and abroad.

If a member of the Mark Degree is aware of anyone who could be helped by the Fund, they should contact their Lodge Mark Benevolent Fund Representative or W Bro Dennis Beecroft, the Secretary of the Fund. Email: [email protected]

If an application for assistance is made to the Fund, it will be expected that an application has been made, or is being made to the Craft Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation to the Fund should contact their Lodge Mark Benevolent Fund Representative or W Bro Jeff Ormston the Provincial Charity Steward and Treasurer of the Fund. Tel: 07508601242 Email: [email protected]

Recent Grants made by Northumberland Mark Benevolent Fund:

2018: £7,604 including £1,635 funeral expense and £1,100 to Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) based at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne.

2019: £5,476 including £!,000 Cash 4 Kids; £600 Foodbanks; £500 St John Ambulance

2020: £10,240 including £1,500 Freeman Hospital; £1,200 CHUF; £600 Food banks; £1,000 2 schools

2021: £10,531 including £2,400 CHUF (2 years support); £1,400 Clowns in the Sky £1,800; Food Banks

2022 £450 Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade; £220 Tynemouth Sea Scouts; £1,500 Pathways4All

How you can help:

The NMBF now has a Relief Chest No MMM2118 (see Relief Chest page for more details).

If you use Amazon or anyone in your family uses Amazon for purchases, sign up to Amazon Smile and choose the NMBF as your chosen Charity.

Open a Relief Chest for your Lodge so that Gift Aid can be collected on your Hall Donations.

If you already donate regular via S/O, increase your donation.

If you don’t already regularly donate, sign up at for a Direct Debit to the Provincial Relief Chest or contact the Provincial Grand Charity Steward W Bro Jeff Ormston Provincial Grand Charity Steward via email at [email protected] or Mobile 0750 8601243.

Magic of the Mark

The Travelling Sceptre, without the use of a Satnav,  has found its way back to Whitley Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 788.   It’s there to be rescued.

The Travelling Gavel has left Whitley Bay and moved from the furthest east of the Province to the furthest west and is now in the possession of Hexham Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1141.   Perhaps it can now make its way to the far north to compete the Northumberland triangle.

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